August 3, 2013

Sanur Beach Bali

Sanur Beach is one of the attractions are quite famous beaches in Bali and is mandatory for your visit. One attraction that is located next to the eastern city of Denpasar. Sanur beach is still part of the Municipality of Denpasar. Sanur Beach mileage from Ngurah Rai airport about 10 miles by car or if it will take as long as 30 minutes.

Sanur beach is a famous beach attraction with views of the sunrise. If known Kuta beach as the sunset beach, Sanur beach is known as the sunrise beach.

Characteristics of Sanur beach itself is a little more shallow. Along the shore, you will see the fishing boat with beautiful colors. Every morning, around 05.30 pm. Sanur beach area will be visited by the tourists who look forward to the sunrise.

Admission to the attraction of Sanur in 2011 still Rp.1000, -. Along the Sanur area, there are many hotels and inns to offer varying prices. Several types of luxury hotels that can be found in the area of ??Sanur beach.

Your vehicle will not be afraid, because there are many types of transportation that you can use to get to the Sanur beach area, such as public transit, taxi, rental car or tour travel agent services that will deliver your journey more comfortable.

In Sanur beach itself we can enjoy many interesting events as tourist entertainment each year, including the kite festival, art and culture Sanur village festival, various sports surfing and so forth. Sanur beach surf conditions are very suitable for use as a variety of water sports games like surfing.

For you lovers of natural attractions such as the beach, do not miss visiting this attraction is a thrill to get a unique experience in Bali.

I think Sanur Beach Bali is a tourist place that must be visited, how about you?

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